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Who's on first? A Cubs wish list

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If you believe absolutely everything you read, then here is where the Cubs' wish list stands for their first base job:

--Adam Dunn: Probably too expensive a free agent for teh Cubs to afford. In any case, I think he White Sox are willing to out-bid them.

--Adrian Gonzalez: What the Cubs would give up to San Diego to get him is a scary thought indeed. Tyler Colvin and Carlos Zambrano? Starlin Castro and a boatload of minor leaguers? Aramis Ramirez and Kosuke Fukudome? Actually, I could live with that last trade...

--Lance Berkman: The Yankees didn't pick up his option. He's a switch-hitter who has done well in the National League, certainly better than he was briefly in New York. Intriguing.

--Carlos Pena: He strikes out a lot, walks a lot, and hits a lot of homeruns. Depends how willing you are to ook past a .230 average.

--Aubrey Huff: He drives in runs in big bunches and has decent first-base power. Wears a thong. Turned out to be a significant piece of the puzzle for the current world champs, but that's why the Giants want him back.

--Nick Johnson: Nice hitter, walks a lot. Not much power. Injury-prone. Sounds a lot like Xavier Nady.

So, what's wrong with Nady?

Say it's so, Joe

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We don't wish injuries upon even our most hated foes, and Minnesota's Joe Nathan certainly qualifies. So, on a personal level, we're sad to hear there is a possibility the amazingly tough and consistent Piranhas closer may miss the entire 2010 season.

But, if it turns out that way (The Twins will know more in a couple weeks.), it could mean a few more losses for Minnesota, a couple more wins for the White Sox against the Twins--assuming they can't find a replacement with anywhere near Nathan's talent--and better chances for the Sox to win the Central Division.

On the Cubs beat, we hear that Xavier Nady will not be ready to play the outfield until June, though he will be able to pinch-hit from the start of the season. Sounds like the Cubs knew about this and were waiting to tell us. With the injury to Angel Guzman, the likelihood that Ted Lilly will not be aready until May and Nady's part-timer status, it's not looking like the Cubs will get off to a fast start.

Still, this math guy is predicting 86 wins for the Cubs (just 85 for the Sox), and he apparently is pretty good at this whole prediction business.

Not much else going on--apparently it's colder and rainier in Arizona these days than in Chicago.

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