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I was looking on the bright side yesterday when I said the Cubs could score (though "hit" was what I really meant), and they have had several games recently when the line-up exploded, but it's also true that that have had completely listless efforts, and they have now had two in a row against that team they find so hard to beat, the Pirates.

Mustering only three hits, they lost today 10-0 after yesterday's 4-2 loss, which was saved from being a shutout at the last minute by an Alfonso Soriano two-run homer.

On days like this, it looks like Mike Quade's job might be in trouble. Maybe it should be, though I think he's done okay with what he's had to work amid injuries with a mix of veterans with bloated contracts and newbies eager to impress.

If things do get worse, someone will have to pay, and that definitely could be Quade, though I don't see who would be a viable replacement. The Ryno ship has sailed. Bobby Valentine? Who might the Rickettses think is worth paying for?

Given the latter question, I think Quade's job is safe for now.

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