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Winter warm-up

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It's still winter in Chicago, and we've got the snow to prove it--though it's fading fast. Down in Arizona, it's time for a warm-up as the Cubs and Sox take (or were supposed to take) the field for their first spring training games today. Only, it doesn't sound like the weather down there is much friendlier than up here.

The Cubs will take on the Oakland A's at Fitch Park later on in what sounds like pretty chilly temps--the low 50s--by spring training standards. Meanwhile, the White Sox reportedly already have cancelled what was supposed to have been an intrasquad game, primarily due to rain at Camelback Ranch. Hopefully, the weather's better tomorrow as the LA Dodgers pay them a visit for their first real taste of spring competition.

I'll take a more in depth look at both teams later this week, but most of what I've been hearing and reading the last few days has been about the managers. Mike Quade sounds like a dynamo, upbeat and hands-on with the Cubs. has the initial over/under for Cubs wins this season at 82. I'm still thinking under, though Quade makes you want to believe in bigger things, always a dangerous practice for Cubs fans.

Ozzie Guillen, on the other hand, seems as manic as ever. If he's not Tweeting about the Bulls, his golf game or his new website, he's putting a price on the head of Bobby Jenks. Also, at one point earlier this week, he said he had many different line-ups running through his head, but later said he wasn't going to tinker with the line-up as much this year. In other words, same old Ozzie.

Let the spring training games begin.

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