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And then we came to the end

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White Sox 2010: 88 wins, 74 losses

Cubs 2010: 75 wins, 87 losses

The final records never tell the whole story, of course. The Sox improved their record by nine games over 2009, at times looking like they were going to win 95 games, at other times looking like they would struggle to .500. But, 88 wins only gets them a distant second place this year, and for the most part, fans will go away disppointed rather than hopeful for next year. Not that there isn't plenty to be hopeful about. The starting rotation is in good shape for next year, and several positions are set, but we still don't what will happen with guys like Paul Konerko, A.J. Pierzynski and Bobby Jenks.

The Cubs were eight games worse than 2009, but for most of the season looked like they would end up with 95 losses. There's fair reason to hope, with young players getting important experience and looking good doing it, but there's plenty to be disappointed about. The arrival of Rudy Jaramillo as hitting coach promised a better offense that never showed up, and veterans played themselves into a funk under a manager who seemed lost and unable to motivate them. Mike Quade's audition as manager should be something to be happy about, but it more or less just complicates a decision to be made by a general manager that may not deserve to stay himself.

It should be an interesting off-season, and whatever happens, next April can't come fast enough for both our teams.

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