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Injury report

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Is it possible that injuries to star players on both the Cubs and the Sox could threaten our dream of a Windy City World Series? Zambrano has tendinitis, and now comes the news that Carlos Quentin, AL HR leader and our town's best candidate for a league MVP award (sorry A-Ram), will be out at least a couple weeks with a broken wrist. Can he come back in time to make a difference?

After both teams have come so far, injuries were the last thing we expected to possibly derail post-season hopes. But, make no mistake: The Cubs and Sox are still both in it, and better than that, they are both in the driver's seat in their respective divisons. CQ's absence may hurt the Sox more than Zammy's short leave from the Cubs, assuming Zammy doesn't take a turn for the worse, and further assuming Harden doesn't miss too much time with his own pains. At times, CQ has been the Sox offense, amazing in that he wasn't expected to even be a factor on this team. Also, the Sox are only a game up in 1st place and must win their division, whereas the Cubs have some flexibility to lose a few (more) games. The acquisition of Junior may prove fortuitous for the Sox if he can pick up the slack offensively (though we really need the Junior of 10 summers ago).

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