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Not our idea of fun

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The White Sox again looked flat when they most needed to play with a sense of urgency. Buehrle seemed to be throwing batting practice balls the first two innings, and though the Sox came up with more hits than the paltry 2 they managed the night before, the did nothing with them. Again, it was the Missile and JeDye did their jobs for the most part, but Swisher left 3 men on base and CQ seems to be sliding at a park where he should be hitting the Citgo sign.

The Sox have only the stunningly poor fielding of Piranhas closer Joe Nathan to thank for having a hold on 1st place today. Nathan let 2 runs score when he threw wild to 3rd in the bottom of the 9th at Oakland. The A's won 3-2, and the Piranhas seem to be having indigestion on their long road trips after being booted out of their dome for the RNC.

Gavin Floyd goes today, and let's hope he can stop the bleeding and the Sox can find their sense of urgency.

The Cubs lost 5-2 Saturday. They have to lose sometimes, right? The Brewers won, of course, and have CC going against the Lowly Pirates today, so a win for them looks automatic. The Cubs need to win today to win yet another series, but the Phils finally looked like a play-off-caliber team yesterday, and the Cubs couldn't solve Brett Myers in potential scoring situations. The piled up hits--11 to the phils' 10--but could not convert. A disturbing trend has seen the Cubs score no more than 3 runs in 3 of their last 4 games. That they are 3-1 in those games speaks to exactly how good this team is, but let's get the line moving again.

Mrs. SBW and I will be heading out to The Commish's house for a BBQ today, and then to Wrigley tomorrow for Cubs vs. Astros. Hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend, and that will be analyzing a pair of wins tomorrow...

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