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I feel the need... the need for Reed

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Reed Johnson continues to come up big for the Cubs when they most need to break a bad pattern and score some runs. His biggest hit on a 4-5 day that helped the Cubs to a 9-2 victory Sunday wasn't his bases-loaded double that made it 8-2; it was the no-outs single that pushed Fontenot to third and chased Marlins starter Volstad from the game. Every thing broke loose from there...

Meanwhile, the Sox obliterated the hex by obliterating Oakland 13-1 and winning the series 2-1. They need it to stay on par with the dreaded Piranhas, who gobbled up Seattle. Three pieces of good news: Lowly Seattle is headed toward the Southside as we speak, so hopefully the Sox can build some momentum with their chance to hack at the Mariners; Javier Vazquez finally looked fantastic today, though he had a huge lead to work with--now, we need him to do it again and again into October; and Alexei Ramirez smacked a grand slam. C.Q. is obviously the biggest and most pleasant surprise for the Sox this year, but the Missile's combo of strong hitting, unexpected power and hotdog fielding is hard to beat.

SBW will start the week by exercising its right to root for both the Sox and the Cubs. Monday night, the wife and I will be ensconced in Scout Seat splendor (easy now, I only have those tickets about 4 games a year...) at The Cell as the Sox take on the Mariners, and Tuesday night, my brother and I will hit Wrigley with a local mens' church group (I am not kidding). Looks like great weather for baseball both nights...

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