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Your Stanley Cup Champions

1. Photos related to Thread of Joy.

2. Hoisting the Cup.

3. Carrying the Cup off the plane.

4. "I don't remember a finals quite like this one," writes Steven Ovadia at Puck Update. "When is the last time you saw such average-to-poor goaltending?"

5. "One of the best traditions in the NHL is the practice of each Stanley Cup winner getting their 'Day with the Cup' every summer," Gimmeapuck writes at View From My Seats. "Most players will bring it back to their hometowns to celebrate with their fans and participate in parades."

Gimmeapuck has some other ideas about how each Hawk will celebrate their day with the Cup.

6. Hull and Mikita tribute banner.

7. Leighton Thought Kane Would Pass.

8. Trending in Chicago: #StanleyCup; #Blackhawks; #Hawks.

9. Bill Simmons tweet: "Has there ever been a stranger OT goal to clinch a Cup? Saw it in a bar no sound--it was like the Sopranos ending. Congrats to Hawks though."

SImmons has 1,206,394 followers and counting.

10. Blackhawks Victory Parade and Rally Planned on Friday.

11. AP's report.


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