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Yogi Berra Was A World-Class Shill

"In 1993, Berra's sons, Larry, Tim, and Dale, and Tim's wife Betsy, formed LTD Enterprises," Carlo DeVito writes in his 2014 Yogi: The Life & Times of an American Original.

"According to business reporter Patricia Winters Lauro, their intention was 'to market their father's career after they realized that Mr. Berra was inundated with about 100 letters a week, most of them seeking his autograph. As sports memorabilia grew in popularity, the sons decided they were better suited than agents to protect and promote their father's image. LTD now runs a thriving mail-order business and has a Yogi site on the World Wide Web, complete with a Yogi store, a whole range of memorabilia, and Yogi links to to favorite sports sites.'

"I couldn't sell widgets, but I can sell Yogi Berra - it's so easy," said Dale.

Oh, but it started decades before that - when he was still playing. Let's take a look.

1987 Miller Lite, With Jason Alexander.


1957 Florida Orange Juice.


1959 Camel Cigarettes, Puss 'N' Boots Cat Food.


Date Unknown, Yoo-Hoo.


1970 NP-27 Foot Spray.


1976 AMF Magic Screen.


1980 Stove Top Stuffing.


1980s The New York Daily News.


1987 Kinney Shoes.


1992 Pringles.


2002 Aflac.


2003 VISA.


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