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Which Is The Bigger Joke, Sports Mockery Or DNAinfo Chicago?

On Monday morning, DNAinfo Chicago published this puff piece on Sports Mockery.

What was missing? Only the actual real story about Sports Mockery right now, which is how its staff and audience seem to align perfectly with Donald Trump supporters.

To wit:







Heretofore, Sports Mockery was best known for its post "Did Patrick Sharp Have Sex With Teammates' Wife?"

Pro tip: If you have to ask, you don't have the story.


Sports Mockery: Is It Possible Patrick Kane Was Targeted? Or Is It Wrong To Ask The Question?

Is It Possible The Sports Mockery Staff Raped The Woman? Yes!

Is It Wrong To Ask The Question? It's Wrong To Be A Douchebag, Yes.


Sports Mockery: The Glaring Hole In The Patrick Kane Story Everybody Is Talking About.

But Not As Glaring As The Holes In Sports Mockery's Brains.

But it's fun to pretend to be real journalists.


Here's another Pro Tip - to DNAinfo: 30,000 Twitter followers is not an impressive number when you are following 33,000. In other words, Sports Mockery has a Twitter deficit.


Obviously I'm on Team Spain on this one, except for one thing: She's been much too polite to these dicks.


Comments welcome.


P.S.: Adding this:


See also: Reporting on the Patrick Kane investigation is already off the rails. In The [Monday] Papers.

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