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When They Broke Up The Bulls

The two Jerrys fucked it up, plain and simple.

Even if some players were on the decline - a questionable argument - they had only declined to the point where they were still the best team in the league.

And it was up to Jerry Krause to start filtering young players - through the draft or other types of acquisition - onto the roster. A teardown of a championship team (of the ages) is unconscionable. (That doesn't mean Phil Jackson and Scottie Pippen, in particular, were eager to return for another year, though it was the Jerrys who chased them both off. And who really knows what Michael Jordan would have done at that point; the whole thing had become an incredible grind. But in any case, it shouldn't have gone down the way it did.)

Let's take a look at how it happened - in two videos.

1. Tim Floyd On The Bulls' Post-Jordan Strategy, Jerry Krause's Goals.


And since we're on Tim Floyd . . .


2. How The Bulls Self-Destructed After Michael Jordan And Phil Jackson Left.


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