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Tweeting The Bears | Not So Foxy

John Fox on the hot seat, y'all.

"The remaining fans wanted the Bears to hear it Sunday, jeering as loud as they could after having very little to cheer about on the field. But there weren't enough fans left at Soldier Field for it to matter," Adam Jahns writes for the Sun-Times. "The apathy is real. The Bears are bad. Everyone knows it."

And how. And now Fox is the focus:

"Add it all up, and the rest of the season becomes a true measure of who John Fox is as a coach. He hasn't delivered a Year  2 turnaround, as he did with the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers. In Chicago, his narrative has changed completely - to one of failure."

And if Fox is a failure, where does that put general manager Ryan Pace - and better yet, the management team of George McCaskey and Ted Phillips, who aren't faring any better than previous management teams like Michael McCaskey and Ted Phillips? Maybe that's your answer.

"This is truly a time of dejection, and it's on Fox to fix it. If he can't, he undoubtedly will enter his third season on the hot seat. He only has a four-year contract."

The countdown has already begun - and the media is primed for it. Karma is a bitch, Foxy.

"Last week, Bears coach John Fox decided to take a swipe at anybody who dared to see that his quarterback missed a wide-open receiver on a critical play. Instead of just acknowledging the error, he chose to insult those whose job it is to notice such things," Dan Bernstein of The Score notes.

Indeed, Fox has been supremely antagonistic toward the media in his time here. Now he'll pay.


"Sure, the Chicago Bears have problems at home under John Fox (2-9), but Jacksonville coach Gus Bradley is 5-21 on the road," Jeff Dickerson writes for ESPN.

Outcoached by Gus Bradley.


"The Bears' 17-16 collapse on Sunday is the low point of the Fox era. The Bears have regressed in Year 2 under Fox. There is no growth right now that anyone in the organization can identify for next year."



Even Bears fans are embarrassing themselves.


Finally . . .


When you go from savior to irritant to punch line, you're generally on your way out the door.


Comments welcome.

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