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Tweeting The Bears | Ken Bone For QB

The popular narrative among the sports punditry seems to be that Hoyer may have put up 397 yards - without an interception - on Sunday, but Jay Cutler would have won that game because he would have thrown Alshon Jeffery a jump ball in the waning minutes instead of attempt another pass to Cam Meredith.


Did Hoyer make the wrong choice on fourth down with the game on the line? Seems so. But would the Bears have been in a position to win if Cutler had played? Not necessarily; it's hard to believe he would have avoided at least one meaningful turnover. Am I saying Hoyer is a better quarterback than Cutler? No - not at all. But Cutler is not the answer any more than Hoyer is, and that, as I have written, is the real quarterback controversy.

On the other hand, Hoyer has a 108.5 QB rating on the season and it's just possible that we have a Trestman-McCown kind of mindmeld going on here with offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains, who is suddenly smart again. Meanwhile, Vic Fangio is no longer a genius.

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