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TrackNotes: Sick And Sadistic

In response to this, I wrote this ⬇⬇⬇. I'm tired of this namby-pamby shit!

* * * * *

Besides rewriting press releases, which is what Bloodhorse does, where were Bloodhorse and the Daily Racing Form when Churchill Downs Incorporated once again raped American horse racing?

As for the Chicago Bears, they can go to hell. Or, Arlington Heights. Same thing.

I have been writing about Arlington Park for years. The only other publication with any outrage is the Paulick Report. Churchill Downs Inc. is a typical, sick representation of all that is wrong with America and Corporate America. They are a vindictive, sadistic organization. They should be required to give up the name "Churchill Downs" and find something else.

Look at the pictures of Arlington. And these soulless corporate animals are going to tear it down? $197 million. Chump change, I guess, if you love Arlington Heights for something more than the tract-house, cheap condos near the train tracks, nondescript suburb it is.

But pubs like Bloodhorse and DRF don't give a good goddamn. When Marcus Hersh was kicked out minutes after the "Mister D" he didn't write a peep about it, or the Form wouldn't print it. The Sun-Times and Tribune stopped covering horse racing at least 15 years ago. That's the huge reason I do, hereabouts.

CDI has been abusing and persecuting the fans at Arlington for 20 years. They couldn't, didn't, maintain the track and horses died, right in front of me. Then they had not only taken themselves off the dirt, they install PolyTrack. Dick Duchossois is the most overrated racing person on earth. He's so bad, he makes me doubt Marylou Whitney, but I think now she was the real deal. Dickie has been playing that fire for 36 years, the last time the Bears won. They gouged the people coming through the gates and treated them like wallets . . . CDI can got to hell and the Derby is the most farcical race on Earth.

Here's only the last entry in what I've had to say. Look up the rest. It's a huge iceberg.

Tom Chambers
The Beachwood Reporter


Tom Chambers is our man on the rail. He welcomes your comments.

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