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The Real Reasons The Bulls Are Ditching Deerfield For Downtown

"The Chicago Bulls announced overnight Wednesday that they are moving their practice facility from suburban Deerfield to downtown Chicago," the Tribune reports.

Beachwood Sports can exclusively report what's behind the move:

* Rahm promised luxury tax breaks.

* What good is it to have a Lamborghini just to get stuck on the Kennedy?

* If they wanted to live and practice in the suburbs, they would have signed with Orlando.

* They got a Groupon.

* Access to a better brand of bail bondsmen.

* Derrick Rose's injury qualifies them for TIF dollars.

* Deerfield facility haunted by the ghost of someone named Berto.

* Will save money by sharing office space with Billy Dec.

* Easier for Derrick Rose to limp to practice from the Rehab Institute.

* Attracted by Rahm's new tall people tax break.

* The parking meter lease mandates it.

- Thomas Chambers, Marty Gangler, Steve Rhodes

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