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Tony's Picks: We Predict He Takes The 49ers

The betting odds came out with the home team San Francisco 49ers favored by -4 points with an over under of 38 1/2 points. Early money has landed on the side of the home team as San Francisco is now favored by -5 points. The total has not moved off the opener of 38 1/2 points.


NFL Trend: San Francisco 49ers are 3-1 to the under in their past four games.


Jason Campbell has several years as a starter with both the Redskins and Raiders. He is one of those QBs who will frustrate you on third down as he often dumps down and completes short of the sticks.


Chicago allowed Houston 215 yards offensively with 127 running the football on 35 carries. The Bears defense is good, ranking high in many categories. On offense they are 27th with just 316 yards a game.


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