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Time/Life Of Your Life

Geez, guys. Just when you thought the Cubs did something unthinkable, like ruin this great season by losing the clincher and having to wake up the next day and see that the Cardinals lost, they go ahead and give everyone what they wanted the next day anyway.

And sure they wouldn't of "ruined" the season, but you did feel a bit screwed. Like, when you are watching the Time/Life highlight DVD of the World Champion 2016 Chicago Cubs, do you really want part of it to show the end of that Cardinals-Giants game that technically clinched it? No. You want to see Miggy Montero hit that walk-off homer in extra innings the game after. The Cardinals losing the game late the night before will be just a footnote to that Miggy celebration. So, whew . . . Thank goodness. Because really, what else is there besides watching the Time/Life highlight DVD of the World Champion Chicago Cubs?

And that sucker is already brimming with goofy outfits, magicians, comeback wins, walk-offs, pitching dominance, near no-hitters, all the David Ross being "old" stuff, incredible tagging, silly sayings, silly sayings on t-shirts, horribly awesome fake mustaches, 104-mph pitches, an insane pickoff montage, Zobrist and the adorable bike thing, more goofy outfits, a big part about how it was OK for Heyward to suck so bad at the plate because he did all these other things really well, a bunch of well-placed and well-timed bunts, and that one Travis Wood game. And this is before the playoffs even start. And then all of that stuff will happen too as we are talking about the Time/Life 2016 Chicago Cubs World Championship DVD and all.

And when you look back at the dominance of this season and all of the crazy-fun-winning stuff that has happened, it kind of makes the playoffs even more pressure-filled. Because, how the heck do you top what's happened this season? It doesn't seem like you can.

There's a buildup to the playoffs this year that will just not be the same if they lose in the playoffs. Like, next year we can't make David Ross retire again, right? And that is just one of the scenarios playing out. Just like Kyle Schwarber can't blow out his knee again next season like that, right? Ok, was it bad that I mentioned that? I'm just sayin', we are going to run out of "special" regular seasons quickly if this World series thing doesn't happen.

So, I think this might be the best time to do it, guys. Just think about how this season's Time/Life World Championship DVD would compare to one next year. What could possibly be better next season, regular-season wise? I can't think of much. This has to be the year.


Week in Review: The Cubs went 3-4 for the week, taking two of three from the Cardinals and just one of four from the Brewers. Who'da thunk that losing three of four to the Brewers in mid-September could be so fun?

Week in Preview: The boys in blue apparently have to keep playing games. Honestly, I think they should just play each other in split squad games until October gets here. Sure the home-field advantage thing in the National League playoffs is on the line, but even then, this team can win on the road too. These are truly meaningless games - kinda like a second spring training.

Musical Outfielders: And no we aren't talking about Matt Szczur playing the French horn. Jorge Soler got three starts again in left, with Ben Zobrist getting two and Kris Bryant and Chris Coghlan getting one each. Seems like left field is going to be the match-up field come playoff time. Probably based on where Joe wants to put Baez on the infield - he'll put either Bryant or Zo (is it too late to start calling Zobrist "Zo?") out there in left. Or maybe Heyward sits as well against a tough lefty. But it has been established that anyone can be moved around anywhere and that is probably all Joe wanted to establish come playoff time. Mission accomplished.

Former Annoying Cub of the Week: Good ol' Starlin Castro. His fatal flaw(s) are the reason he is no longer a Cub. Can't say it feels bad to see that he hasn't changed. But he unfortunately got hurt as well this week and will probably not be able to help the Yankees anymore this season. Or will he help by not playing?

Current Potential Annoying Cub of the Week: I still can't say anyone is bugging me this week, so I'll have to project to who might become annoying again. This week I have a suspicion that someone is not going to be super happy that they are not going to be on the playoff roster. Maybe it's Jason Hammel, or Coghlan, or 3 A.M., or all three? I have a feeling that someone might become annoying. Although, winning trumps all of that.

Mad(don) Scientist: Lost in this article about Theo and company being out in the bleachers is Big Poppa Joe saying that there is a playoff edition of his t-shirt. So, that's great.

Kubs Kalender: OK, the Cubs have lame promotions this week. A t-shirt and a night light. Yawn, indeed. So I looked around the league and found the coolest bobblehead giveaway this season - possibly of all-time. An A's Sean Doolittle musical Metallica bobblehead. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Beachwood Sabermetrics: A complex algorithm performed by The Cub Factor staff using all historical data made available by Major League Baseball has determined that injuries are the only enemy right now.


Marty Gangler is The Cub Factor. He welcomes your comments.

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