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The White Sox Report

By The White Sox Report Staff

When a 4-3 loss is "encouraging" because it's such a "normal" kind of loss, your team has troubles.

Especially when it's the Toronto Blue Jays who should be encouraged.

Jose Contreras may have matched Roy Halladay's seven innings, but Halladay picked up his fourth win.

"We know the media was expecting us to finish in the bottom part of the East, so it's nice to fly under the radar," Blue Jays catcher Rod Barajas said.

If only that was A.J. Pierzysnki speaking.

Week In Review: The week's scores up until Sunday's 4-3 loss to the Blue Jays:

10-3, 8-2, 6-2, 14-0, 10-2.

It doesn't matter which end the Sox were on (they went 2-3); scores like these will not win a division.

Week In Preview: Another under-the-radar team picked to finish last that ought to be more encouraged than the White Sox is the Seattle Mariners, who bring their 12-7 record and first-place in the AL West standing to the Cell for three. Then the Sox head to Texas, which might prove to be a friendlier fit.

The Q Factor: A cooling off Carlos Quentin just may get well in Arlington. Right now, two Qs out of five.

Senior Citizen Report: Colon fell down this week and he couldn't get up, but Contreras pitched on Sunday like he just walked off the seat of Awakenings.

CORKY!: He's the real deal.

Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye: Jack Egbert was called up to take over for Mike MacDougal, which means he now takes on the role of walking two batters per outing.

Cubs Snub: Did the security guy at Wrigley who picked that cat up by the tail more resemble Micah Hoffpauir trying to field a ball in right field or Lou Piniella handing in a lineup card knowing Koyie Hill was his backup infielder?

Center Stage: Brian Anderson got four starts (plus one in right) but Jerry Owens arguably proved more useful, pinch-running twice and pinch-hitting once while starting a game each in center and right. Brent Lillibridge also made a brief centerfield appearance.

That's Ozzie!: "That's one of the worst games I hope I see this year. It was one of the worst I've seen as a manager. I might have seen a worse [one], but I can't remember it."

Endorsement No-Brainer:
The Geritol Report: update on Contreras and Colon

The Missile: Re-activated by atomic slam, but still only at DEFCON .194 and not considered a threat to world peace.

The Perry Meter: Gerald Perry remains a six in 10 chance of getting fired in Punditland but only a two in 10 chance in Reality.

The White Sox Report: Read 'em all.

The Cub Factor: Know your enemy.

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