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The Super Bowl's Halftime Malfunction, Quite Possibly Sponsored By Groupon

There was nothing more enjoyable about the Big Game on Sunday than tracking - and participating in - the Twitter stream (and to a lesser extent, Facebook) about the #halftimefail of the #BlackEyedPeas.

The New York Times captured it with this set of tweets it memorialized for posterity.

We, also, were active on Twitter and present our work forthwith, also including our Twitter stream about Groupon's ad embarrassment.

* Let's not get it started and say we did.

* BR contributor Eric Emery sez: Another thing. I prefer the chick who originally sung Sweet Child O Mine.

* What - Betty White couldn't make it?

* BlackEyedPeas now embark on tour of high school football stadiums and UFO crash sites.

* RT BorowitzReport: Mubarak on the halftime show: "And people want ME to leave?"

* RT lovinglychosen: "What are they trying to say to me?" -Grandma

* RT OnionSports: Looks like the @NFL learned its lesson with Prince: Don't ever let the #halftime show be good again

* Whoever thought Axl Rose would get the last laugh?

* Wow, Groupon ad not only sucky but offensive.

* Upon further review, BlackEyedPeas halftime performance overruled.

* RT L Pizzle: NameTheBlackEyedPeas Will. I. Am, Fergie, Chewbacca and Kim Jong Il

* RT nerdette: Someone should intro @Groupon to Kenneth Cole's PR team

* NFL commissioner disciplines BlackEyedPeas; books them for next year's Pro Bowl.

* RT BorowitzReport: The NFL says next year's halftime show will be Yoko Ono, a hyena, and two balloons rubbed together.

* Dalai Lama pulls plug on Groupon deal for total enlightenment.

* RT VodkaPundit: Now offering Indonesia a tsunami of savings!

* RT CatsPolitics: "Pol Pot slaughtered millions in the killing fields of Cambodia, but we just saved 50% on new pots and pans with Groupon!"

* RT mthinker: Explained advertising is failed advertising

* RT thegaf: Egyptians self-immolate with discount gas!


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