The Season In Verse | We Watched Them Rehearse

This year twenty-twenty,
I'm awaiting its end.
Too bad it's not e-mail
I could just hit "send."

Our lives have been changed
By the raging pandemic.
When will we be safe?
The answer is academic.

Amidst all the turmoil
Came a baseball season.
Only 60 games played
I thought they were teasing.

Let's give credit
Where credit is due.
MLB pulled it off
With a few rules new.

The DH was universal
The change made a difference.
Three batters per reliever,
Old-schoolers claimed ignorance.

Put a runner on second
For each extra frame.
Now they've gone too far
We have Manfred to blame.

Precautions were taken
Most players wore masks.
Despite all the safeguards,
The problems were vast.

The Sox took great care.
The boys did as they oughta.
No one got the COVID
Except for Moncada.

But once the games started
The White Sox were psyched.
Keuchel added experience
And optimism spiked.

The rookie Robert
Was sensational in camp.
Once the real games started,
He performed like a champ.

So the kid slowed down
When September arrived.
Don't worry Sox fans,
This guy is a prize.

The contract for Grandal
Is the biggest in team history.
He can hit the long ball,
But his catching's a mystery.

McCann's a free agent.
He's adds a dimension.
It sure would be nice,
If he gets an extension.

We'll need a new DH
Encarnación provided no aid.
Nor did Mazara
Hahn needs a good trade.

Madrigal hit .340
In his big league debut.
Contact is his specialty
Drafting him was a coup.

Tim Anderson is legit,
His fielding was better.
He's a .300 hitter,
And a fine table-setter.

Abreu had his best season.
He gathered respect.
An RBI per game
He's MVP, I suspect.

Eloy kept thumping.
He can hit the long ball.
He'll be even better
When he stays away from the wall.

Giolito led the staff.
He even threw a no-hitter.
His change-up is effective.
He's all over Twitter.

But the club needs more pitching.
They're missing a piece.
Maybe Lopez or Dunning,
Or what about Cease?

Don't forget about Kopech
He might take up the slack.
His fastball is electric.
The Sox need him back.

The young guys are promising,
But none are yet great.
The biggest problem
Is finding the plate.

Not so with the bullpen
They highlighted the summer.
Heuer and Foster emerged,
And don't forget about Bummer.

We'll need a new closer
Say good-bye to Colomé.
He's as good as they come,
And he'll get his payday.

Hahn will be busy.
He'll be testing his theories.
When he hires a new manager,
Following the World Series.

Free agents are out there,
He has much to contemplate.
Hahn can offer prospects
If he needs trade bait.

The Sox are contenders.
They've cleaned up their mess.
How high they can fly
Is anyone's guess.

Ten games above .500
We'll take it, I suppose.
But the first round of playoffs,
Was as far as it goes.

Let's hope that next spring
When Opening Day rolls around.
We can go to the ballpark
And not be so homebound.

We can down a red hot with onions
And enjoy a cold Modelo.
Just the thought of being out there,
Makes me a happy fellow.

To baseball fans in all places,
Be careful but have some fun.
Wear a mask and social distance,
And hope for a better 2021.


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Former Bill Veeck bar buddy Roger Wallenstein is our White Sox correspondent. He welcomes your comments.


1. From Rory Clark:

Now all we need
Is someone to guide
A wise new skipper
Makes champs on the South Side

Hahn went to Northwestern
He's purple and white
Let's hope in baseball decisions
He's equally bright

Loving the White Sox
Is a lifelong curse
Let's hope Jerry Reinsdorf
Opens his purse

If he does, next fall
We'll be cheering
I'll buy your hot dog
And your head I'll be "beering!"

2. From Brad Herzog:

2021 can't come soon enough.
These past four years sure have been tough.
I'm hopeful the votes will go our way
and November 3 feels like Opening Day.

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