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The Season In Verse | Has The Rebuild Burst?

Year Two of The Rebuild
Is now part of history.
Rickey's boys show some promise,
But the future's a mystery

We saw some improvement
Which pleases the bosses
The Sox have youth and enthusiasm
Along with a whopping 100 losses.

The mistakes were plentiful.
The misplays were telling.
It's a learning experience.
That's what they've been selling.

Some pieces seem reasonable
Like Lopez and Rodon.
Shields pitches 200 innings
But soon he'll be gone.

Giolito needs consistency.
His ERA soared north of six.
Another season like this one,
And he'll be out of the mix

Dylan Covey got another chance
When Kopech went down.
When the fireballer comes back
Will Covey be around?

When it comes to the bullpen,
These guys made us cry.
Hahn traded all the good ones.
The best now is Jace Fry.

Contending isn't possible
Without a good closer.
Even Soria was better
Than the leftover posers.

The key to this mishmash
Just might be Moncada.
When he makes contact,
He looks like he oughta.

But the strikeouts are appalling
Whether swinging or taking.
This wasn't expected.
We thought he'd be raking.

There were some surprises.
Engel played center without fear.
And he hit 70 points higher.
I suppose we should cheer.

Tim Anderson played better.
He stole 20 sacks.
He made some great plays
And smashed 20 jacks.

Palka was an unknown
When claimed off waivers.
Then he led us in homers.
Can he be a savior?

Davidson started auspiciously
Three homers in KayCee.
But matching last year
Simply wasn't to be.

You gotta love Yolmer.
He's a delight for the fans.
But let's face it, folks,
He's more of a utility man

The Sox have their placeholders,
Guys like Delmonico and LaMarre.
But if they're playing next year,
This team won't go far

Castillo was brought in
For a 15 mil fee.
Then he was sidelined
For using a PED.

Let Welington go elsewhere.
Smith and Narvaez can play.
They both stepped up big time
To hell with Castillo, I say.

Then there's Abreu and Avi
When healthy they're dependable.
Chances are Jose remains
While Garcia's expendable.

The fans wanted Eloy.
Hahn said, "He needs more seasoning,"
Puhleeze, give us a break
For questioning that reasoning.

Take heart, Sox fans.
His arrival is imminent.
But to keep club control,
It won't be immediate.

Two weeks into next season
Jimenez will be an important piece.
Possibly by July
He'll be joined by Dylan Cease.

Enduring this Rebuild
Has created a real test.
No doubt we'll know more
In January at SoxFest.

In the meantime we're fortunate
That this season has ended.
Watching these guys play
Is not recommended.

The snow will be coming
Chicago winters never are short.
We just have to wait for those magic words,
"Pitchers and catchers report."


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Former Bill Veeck bar buddy Roger Wallenstein is our White Sox correspondent. He welcomes your comments.

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