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The Origin Of MLB Trade Rumors

As a huge Cubs fan, there was always more hope in the offseason than the regular season, site founder (and University of Illinois grad) Tim Dierkes explains, leading to his fascination with the Hot Stove League and transactions.


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* Crain's, 2013: How Tim Dierkes Cashes In On MLB Gossip.

* Reddit, January: I Am Tim Dierkes, Owner Of The Website MLB Trade Rumors. AMA!


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1. From Steve Rhodes:

MLB Trade Rumors is an example of a site that newspapers should have thought up themselves - particularly newspapers that, as part of chains, have or had reporters in a variety of cities across the country, giving them a leg up on having an established, on-the-ground intelligence network.

It's also an example of a site that a newspaper company could have acquired or replicated. (Same for the Bleacher Reports and SBNation's of the Internet.) Now Dierkes has expanded his company to include sites covering transactions in other major sports including football, hockey and basketball.

And when people continue to say there is no business model for digital journalism? Well, this is just one of many sites that proves that noxious notion wrong. (Hint: The business model is an editorial model.)

And here Dierkes has been in our backyard all along. Shame, Chicago.

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