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The Lou & Ozzie Show

The man behind "Dusty Must Get Fired" is back with new songs about skippers Lou Piniella and Ozzie Guillen.


Ode to Ozzie

Lou Pinella, he's the brand new skipper for the Cubs
Replacing Dusty Baker, Cubs look good on paper
Gotta keep Kerry Wood from the hot tub

Lou Piniella, your boy Hendry spent a lot of cash
He bought Soriano, Better pay Zambrano
Our the Cubs will fall right on their ass

We know that these Cubbies will try
I'll bet they're out of it before July
Santo will say . . .
Oh, brother, Won't make the Hall today
Big bucks we're paying
You're under fire Lou Piniella
Lou Piniella, OK

Lou Piniella, 116 games Seattle won Lou Piniella
Couldn't beat the Yanks, because you stank
How'd you become Hendry's chosen one?

Lou Piniella, don't you know the Cubbies have been cursed? Lou Piniella
100 years of losing, better start your boozing
All the veins on your forehead gonna burst

World Series, you'll try for again
With the Cubs, man? Have you gone insane?

You'll need a shave
We're worse than Tampa Bay
A losing season
You're gonna find

Lou Piniella! Lou Piniella

Lou Piniella, Lou Piniella, Lou Piniella, etc...

It's You, Sweet Lou . . .

Ozzie will say
He owns this town today
You better win, Lou Piniella, Lou Piniella

Lou Piniella, Lou Piniella, Lou

His name is Ozzie, He's Ozzie Guillen
A crazy Venezualeen
He's taught the White Sox how to win
He talks like Scarface, he'll drop the F-bomb
He played shortstop for the Sox, Now Detroit must hold his jock
Ozzie thinks bunting's fun, he likes the Hit and Run
He got the White Sox a World Series - and they were # 1

Because of Ozzie, Oh, Ozzie Guillen
Another championships what we'll be seein
Yes, he's Ozzie, oh, Ozzie Guillen
Smart baseball's his passion
In Black and White Fashion
If they play like Ozzie - the Sox will be stars you know what I'm talking about -
and they'll go far

Yeah, He's got Contreras, Jazier Vazquez,
They're Latin American, are they related back to him?

Paulie Konerko, and Big Jim Thome
Pierzynski's jaw is thick, Posednick sure is quick
Buerhle and Garland throwing gas, Ozzie needs a sensitivity class,
Iguichi, Dye and Crede
These Sox are kicking Ass

Because of Ozzie, yes Ozzie Guillen
Fall Classic is what we'll be seein
Because of Ozzie, oh Ozzie Guillen
World Series he'll bring
Let the Fat Lady sing
You play like Ozzie, the Sox will be Stars - and they'll go far - as long as Bartman's not in the audience

Ozzie,Oh Ozzie Guillen that suchee you're chewin',
Ozzie, Ozzie Guillen, you call your friends homos . . .

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