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The Ex-Cub Factor

One in an occasional series tracking the movements of those who have worn Cubbie blue.

1. Fernando Rodney.

Rodney got traded after all, post-deadline, going from the Twins to the A's, where he's off to a strong start. The Arrow wasn't with the Cubs a long time (12 innings in 2015), but he is remembered and (sort of) missed.

2. Transaction Jackson.

All this time and I just heard this nickname for Edwin Jackson for the first time the other day. Jackson is also in Oakland and damn if he doesn't have a 2.48 ERA in nine starts for the A's.

3. Sam Fuld.

Fuld hit .299 with a .409 OBP in 115 PAs for the Cubs in 2009, then found himself in Tampa two years later courtesy of Chris Archer-Matt Garza deal. He eventually finished his career in . . . Oakland. Fuld is now the Phillies' "player information coordinator."

4. Leonys Martin.

Martin was with the Cubs for just 15 games last year but that's enough to get tracked! He's with Cleveland now, but he's actually been battling a life-threatening bacterial infection.

5. Rich Hill.

Hill spent his first four seasons with the Cubs, then spent a number of years with a number of teams. For the last three seasons he's been a Dodger, of course, and he's been on one of his rolls since July.


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