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The Derrick Rose Facts

Our favorite #SmellTheRoses tweets - first from @LupeFiasco, who started it, and then some others.

From Lupe:

* Jordan waits in line at FootLocker for a pair of Derrick Rose's.

* derrick rose went to mcdonalds and ordered a whopper. And he got it.

* Derrick Rose once had a fake ID still said Derrick Rose.

* When Derrick Rose looks into a mirror his reflection asks for an autograph.

* Twitter follows Derrick Rose.

* Derrick Rose doesn't celebrate Christmas...Christmas celebrates Derrick Rose.

And some others:

* Steven Reed: The NBA didn't come to an agreement. This is just what derrick rose wanted for christmas.

* Jose C Rivera: Derrick Rose once tweeted 141 characters.

* Namit Varma: When Derrick Rose gets pulled over, he asks the questions.

* Michael Brandewie: Derrick Rose's first word was onomatopoeia.

* Dustin Estrada: Derrick Rose counted to infinity... Twice.

* Chad Caldwell: roses take time to smell Derrick roses high tops.

* Simone Yael: when Derrick Rose slices onions, the onions cry.

* Haz Anjum: Death once had a near-Derrick Rose experience.

* Phil Elkrief: Derrick Rose lost his virginity before his dad did.

* Kevin Lane: Derrick Rose doesnt call the wrong number. You answer the wrong phone.

* Jon Greenberg: Rolling Stone named #SmellTheRoses Album of the Year.


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