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The Cubs Are Totally Gonna Get Their Shit Together This Spring (Not)

A bunch of guys are totally reporting in the best shape of their lives.

Also, the team is really gonna stress fundamentals this year.

And they're really gonna work on the little things.

And if they stay healthy, who knows?!

They just wanna play meaningful games in September.

They prefer not to use the word "rebuilding."

Brett Jackson has totally re-worked his swing. Again.

This could be a breakout year for a number of guys.

Anthony Rizzo thinks he's got it figured out.

Every player coming back from injury feels really good.

A bunch of different guys could bat leadoff.

Starlin Castro is just gonna go back to doing what he does naturally.

They just wanna get a lot of innings out of their starters.

You never know who will emerge in the bullpen.

There'll be a lot of competition for the fifth-starter job.

It's good to have stability at some of these positions.

A lot of live arms in camp.

Who knows, maybe they'll catch lightning in a bottle.

To win it here would really be special.

Rick Renteria is finally the manager the Cubs have been looking for.

They're really gonna stress getting ahead in the count.

Look for better baserunning.

Why not us?

Also, it's the same lineup that's lost 197 games the last two years.


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