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The Blue & Orange Kool-Aid Report

Perhaps the Kool-Aid Nation should wait for the results against the Patriots, Jets, and Giants before engaging in all this Super Bowl talk. The Nation should know better; it is here in Chicago where we've pioneered wishing for the best, but expecting the worst. Everybody seems to want the Bears to go 242-0. I'm not sure, but I think I heard Tony Kornheiser say on Monday night, "If Lovie Smith was hired to cure cancer, how fast would he do it?"

Things are getting ridiculous. In a recent column, Tribune football writer Don Pierson noted the "smooth moves" the Bears front office made to get Rex Grossman in 2003. Try to follow this.

1. The Bears trade the fourth overall pick to the Jets for Nos. 13 and 22.
2. The Jets take DT Dewayne Robertson - now in his fourth year starting.
3. The Bears trade down again, giving up their No. 13 pick for the Patriots' No. 14 pick and a sixth-rond ick.
4. The Patriots take DE Ty Warren at No. 13. Warren is now in his fourth year starting.
5. The Bears take Michael Haynes at No. 14. Haynes starts four games and is released.
6. The only QB the Bears communicated with pre-draft: Kyle Boller
7. The Ravens trade up and take Boller at No. 19.
8. The Bears pick Grossman at No. 22 after having virtually no contact Grossman pre-draft; we're told this was a ruse to confuse the rest of the league, and that Grossman was "who the Bears wanted all along." Even if you believe this fantastical tale, is it really smart to throw the dice on the quarterback you really want by trading down twice? And for what - Michael Haynes and a sixth-round pick from the Patriots?

Please take off your Blue & Orange blinders and look at this critically.

Here's the column Pierson failed to submit: The Bears have gotten lucky with Grossman - for five strong games and one shitty one after three mostly-injured years.

At least the Kool-Aid Nation can use this week's bye to clean out their drawers. God knows Grossman needs extra bleach for after his pitiful 4 INT/2 Fumble performance. The Bears play SF next in Week 8.

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