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The Blue & Orange Kool-Aid Report

In some ways, Sunday left me a shell of a man. Certainly, I expected the Bears to win, but I thought they would do so in a more dominating fashion. Then my bandwagon team, the Chargers, made a mess in their pants. And after the games, 60 Minutes broadcast an interview with President Bush. What a crappy day.

Nothing was right with the world. Not even W's wardrobe.

Bush wore a lightweight green jacket, specially equipped with the Presidential seal and his name "George W. Bush" embroidered below. This struck me as odd. No matter your level of political knowledge, I'd like to believe that most folks watching know who he is. Why put your name on your clothing when you're the president?

That got me to thinking. To avoid confusion, here are my suggestions for what some Bears ought to get sewed into their clothing under the team seal.

Lovie Smith: "In Dusty Rexy We Trusty."

Ron Rivera: "31 Flavors of the Cover 2 defense."

Ron Turner: "Next Stop, Joey Harrington."

Rex Grossman:"Scapegoat."


New Orleans at Chicago
Storyline: The great Saints offense faces the (used-to-be) great Bears defense.

What They Forget To Tell You: The Saints dispatched a hot Eagles team, and the Bears allowed 24 points to a less-than-stellar Seahawks offense. Let's revisit my preseason summary regarding the Bears:

"It's analogy time, Bears fans. I'm just saying it's time to put the glass of Kool-Aid down, stop adding so much sugar, and thank your lucky stars you play in the NFC North. If your team played in the AFC North, you would be called the Baltimore Ravens."

And look what happened to the Ravens - They played a hot defense, they failed to stuff the run, they failed to protect the ball.

On the other hand, the Bears dodged bullets against a noticeably inferior team, scoring only 24 points in regulation against a beat-up defense with a bank officer in the secondary; failing to stuff the run; and losing two of four fumbles.

Like the Ravens, it's all over this week.

Pick: Saints plus 2.5/Over 42


For Bears win:
Sugar in the Blue and Orange Kool-Aid: 60%
Recommended sugar in the Blue and Orange Kool-Aid: 35%

Sugar in the Super Bowl pitcher: 50%
Recommended sugar in the Super Bowl pitcher: 10%


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