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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #113: Aroldis Chapman Already Putting The K Back In The Kubs

Epic PR fail reminiscent of bad old days. Plus: Tommy Boy LaStella To Sell His Brake Pads In Des Moines; The Adam Warren Commission; Chris The Tank Engine; The Bears Are Already Grinding Coach Coffman's Gears; and Olympic Gamesmanship.



* 113.

:24: Tommy Boy LaStella To Sell His Brake Pads In Des Moines.

* A Bitter Betty.

* Perhaps this has something to do with it:

* A numbers game.

* The Cubs are carrying three catchers and 13 pitchers, which shortens their bench considerably, though one catcher is also a left fielder, which, just makes this move all the more perplexing.

* Rhodes: "The contract's in the belly, it's eaten, it's now coming out the other end."

5:20: Aroldis Chapman Already Putting The K Back In The Kubs.

* Gangler: The lovable losers are gone. So are the lovable winners. Now it's just about winning.

* Cubs Screw Up Chapman Introduction.

* To wit:

* Just two months ago: Chapman Still Says He Did Nothing Wrong.

* Chapman Open To Reunion With The Yankees: 'God Willing, Yes.'

* Rhodes vs. Haugh:

So it was just to fool the public, and as a reporter covering the team I'm fine with that.

* He's always thrown in triple digits - in public!

28:23: The Adam Warren Commission.

* Unable to adjust to the way Maddon used him here.

35:05 Chris The Tank Engine.

* Trade Sale, Quintana, Robertson, Cabrera and whoever else for position player prospects who are major-league ready, or close to it, then sign a couple big-time free agent pitchers in the offseason and you're good to go!

* It was the Phillies:

* Sale sucks.

47:17: The Bears Are Already Grinding Coach Coffman's Gears.

* Pup McPhee.

* Fluish Floyd.

* Kyle Long Gets The Boot.

* Khari Lee (sprained shoulder).

* T-Ball Journal.

* The Matt Slauson Mystery.

* Bears' Teenage GM Violates Child Labor Laws.

* O'Shea: Ex-Bears Abound On Fantasy Top 20.

58:26: Olympic Gamesmanship.

* How Does Simone Biles Have Such Incredible Balance?

* A Plea: Make Jousting An Olympic Sport.

* HBO's Real Sports: The Real (And Human) Cost Of The Olympics.


* Tribune: Chicago's Bid For 2016 Olympics Leaves Pricey Legacy 7 Years Later.

* Rio 2016: Athletes Warned To Keep Mouths Closed While In Feces-Infested Water.

* Russia Decision Muddies Legacy Of IOC President Thomas Bach.




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