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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #103: Chicago's Fevered Baseball Dream Is Over

Cubs, White Sox spiraling into oblivion. Plus: Cy Sale And The Rubs; Bulls Offseason Going Great!; Bears 1st-Round Draft Pick Leonard Floyd Is Stuffing His Face Right Now; Absent Alshon; The Olympic Way; and The Nerds Who Are Ruining Horse Racing.



* 103.5.

:28: Cubs Nearing Magic Number For Elimination.

* Why The Cubs Are Betting On Joe Nathan.

* The Untouchable Tim Federowicz.

20:58: The White Sucks.

* White Sox Move Jimmy Rollins Down From No. 2 Spot In Batting Order.

* White Sox Ponder How To Get Mat Latos Back On Track.

According to the analytics, Latos was never on track. We regret our early season enthusiasm.

25:12: Cy Sale And The Rubs.

* What's It Like To Face Chris Sale? The Astros Tell All.

* MVP.

* Sale's Goal Now: Innings, Not Strikeouts.

* "Okay, the first thing people do in a situation like this is panic."

"Well, I think I'm doing it in the right order."

- "Deal Me Out," M*A*S*H

* Fire Robin Ventura.

44:22: Bulls Offseason Going Great!

* Sam Smith's Mock Draft 1.0!

* Jimmy Hollywood.

* John Ligmanowski, aka Johnny Ligs.

52:44: Bears 1st-Round Draft Pick Leonard Floyd Is Stuffing His Face Right Now.

* Setting alarms reminding him to eat.

58:31: Absent Alshon.

* Bears Wish He Was At Pretend Voluntary Workouts Which Are Really Mandatory And If You Don't Show Up Something's Wrong.

1:00:00: The Olympic Way.

* IOC: Sochi Doping Allegations Could Show 'Unprecedented Criminality.'

* Tokyo 2020 Olympics Beset By Corruption Investigations.

1:04:53: Are Nerds Ruining Horse Racing?




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