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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #97: Cubs On The Run

Brizzo on the basepaths. Plus: Latos To The Party; Blackhawks Blues; Bulls Go Out With A Whimpering Screech; Mock Draft Mockery 2.0; Iverson, Shaq and Swoopes!; and The Everton Minute: Nani!



* Chris Zorich.

* Former Bear Chris Zorich Sentenced To Probation In Tax Case.

* Ex-Bear Chris Zorich Faces New Challenge At Prairie State.

* Chicago Vocational High School.

* Larry Bloom: Mr. Clean Wasn't.

4:15: Cubs On The Run.

* Before coming to the Cubs, Dexter Flower played one year in Houston after six years in Colorado.

* MLB Highlights: "Anthony Rizzo plated six runs and John Lackey earned his first team win as the Cubs topped the D-backs 14-6."

* Baserunning (MLB videos format weird for some reason):

Schwarber to DL:

UPDATE: Out for the year. But he didn't break his ankle!


* Baez brimmed.

* Cubs Acquire Anthony Rizzo In Trade With Padres.

21:50: Latos To The Party.

* Latos' 1-Hit Outing A Promising Return To Form.

* "Having worked with new Sox catcher Dioner Navarro was one reason the Sox appealed to Latos."

* White Sox clubhouse filled with asbestos.

* Rollins vs. Eaton:

* White Sox Ace First Chemistry Test.

29:49: Blackhawks Blues.

* Hossa, Shaw And Anisimov Not Traveling For Blackhawks Regular Season Finale.

* CBC: Playoff Hockey Drought For Canada's Teams Could Prompt Many Fans To Change Channel.

* Canuck.

47:00: Bulls Go Out With A Whimpering Screech.

* Massively Disappointing Season For Rockets, Bulls.

55:33: Mock Draft Mockery 2.0.

* Peter King and the Nickel Defense.

1:00:30: Iverson, Shaq And Swoopes!

* Sheryl Swoopes, The Female Jordan.

1:04: The Everton Minute: Nani!


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