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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #96: Everyone Is Vine Line Now

MAKE. FANBOY. CUBS. MEDIA. STOP. Plus: Our World Series Predictions, In Which Neither Of Us Pick The Cubs; As The Blackhawks Suddenly Turn; The Magnetic Derrick Rose; Bears Sign More No-Name Linemen; Media Mistakes Activity For Genius; Let She Who Generates More Revenue Earn More Money; Cheaters Prosper!; and The Everton Minute.



* Clyde Simmons.

1:06: Kill Cubs Media.

* Totally unadorable bear cubs.

* No way! Classic!

* Make. It. Stop.

* Enough.

* Wacky!

* Red Sox Going With Shaw Over Sandoval.

* Javier Baez Learning Hard Way That Head-First Slides Can Be Costly, We Learn 10 Days After It Happened.

* April Fuld.

* Junior Lake does not make Blue Jays roster.

* Scouts' Takes.

* Nationals Assign Tony Campana To Minors Camp.

* Kerry Wood Cubs Field.

* Everyone is Vine Line now.

* Steve's WS Pick: Blue Jays vs. Diamondbacks.

* Jake is a Jerk.

* Jake Arrieta Had 'Tremendous Struggle' With Orioles, Was In 'Constant Tug-Of-War.'

* Is Jimmy Rollins For Real?

* Jim's WS Pick: Mets vs. Royals.

* Taylor Teagarden Suspended 80 Games After Appearing In PED Report.

* Defense matters.

* Why So Many Baseball Experts Whiffed With Last Year's Predictions.

48:40 As The Blackhawks Suddenly Turn.

* Corey Crawford Making 'Good Progress' On Mysterious Upper-Body Injury That Probably Isn't Rehab.

* Haugh: Duncan Keith's Indefensible Action Only Adds To Blackhawks Concerns.

* Breaking: Duncan Keith Suspended Six Games.

58:10: The Magnetic Derrick Rose.

1:02:00: Bears Sign More No-Name Linemen; Media Mistakes Activity For Genius.

1:03:46: Let She Who Generates More Revenue Earn More Money.

1:07:25: Cheaters Prosper!

1:08:35: The Everton Minute: Bold Claim Over Finances!

* "Ardavan Farhad Moshiri is a British-Iranian businessman and investor who resides in Monaco. Moshiri owns and has shares in numerous steel and energy companies in the UK and Russia."




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