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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #94: The Amazingly Immature And Idiotic Adam LaRoche Affair

Plenty of children in the White Sox locker room, it turns out. And they all have lockers. Plus: We Will Miss Martellus Bennett; The Bulls Are Just Boring Now; The Blackhawks (Temporarily) Stink; March Madness Moolah - Who Gets It; Triton Advance To Final Four; and The Everton Minute: Next Six Matches Crucial!



* John Thierry.

* The 1994 Chicago Bulls.

2:22: The Amazingly Immature And Idiotic Adam LaRoche Affair.

* Adam LaRoche Retired Over White Sox's Request To Limit Son In Clubhouse.

* General consensus based on LaRoche's Twitter feed: A Trumpster.









* #FamilyFirst.


* Reinsdorf Prohibits White Sox Personnel From Discussing LaRoche Drama.

* Where's Robin?

* If By Exclusive You Mean That Adam Eaton Gave You Some Bullshit Quotes:

* LaRoche issues a statement. The statement could not be reached for comment.

* He had his own locker!



19:19: We Will Miss Martellus Bennett.

* ESPN: Bears Trade Bennett To Patriots.

* What Bennett told the New England media:

"I don't think it didn't work out in Chicago," he said. "I thought I played very well in Chicago. I put up great numbers, did some great things, made my first Pro Bowl there. I mean, statistically, I thought it was a great job."

Asked if the Bears believed he didn't fit into their plans, Bennett said, "You'd have to ask them.

"We were cool. I think it's just time for change. I don't take it personal. I'm all about the future so I'm a progressive person.''

* @MartysaurusRex:

* Bears Pox's Team Now.

* LOL: John Fox's "We not me" culture.

* LOL: Emma: Move Of Martellus Bennett Became Necessary.

* On Marty Bennett's character.

The kind of role model we should embrace.

45:20: As Opposed To These Misguided Jock Straps:


Please explain life to me, Kyle Long, based on what you've learned in locker rooms all these years.



For reasons already articulated by Coffman at this juncture of the podcast, this is just a really unworkable answer; who gets to do the policing and what do those in the minority do if they object? Must everyone live under Chris Sale's rules? There has to be an organizational policy. Period.

* See also: The White Sox Report: Adios, Adam.

51:48: The Bulls Are Just Boring Now.

* Except For Dougie McBuckets, Who Is On McFire.

53:17: The Blackhawks (Temporarily) Stink.

* Look To Break 4-Game Losing Streak Tonight Against The Jets.

56:20: March Madness Money - Who Gets It.

1:00:50: Triton Advances To Final Four!

1:02:02 The Everton Minute: Next Six Games Crucial!




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