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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #93: The Bears Are Pox's Team Now

Pace, Fox make their moves. Plus: Fighting Lovie; Jimmy Butler And Derrick Rose Finally On Same Page!: Shout To The New Blackhawks Guys!; Dear Cubs: Enough With The Brotherhood. Geez; White Sox: Borrrrring; Bryce Harper Wants to Bring Pimping To MLB. So Do We; Triton Top Seed In Little Big Dance; and The Everton Minute.



* Trace Armstrong.

1:10: It's Pox's Team Now.

* Pace, Fox make their moves.

* Danny "Trejo" Trevathan.

* On "overpaying":


* Malik Jackson: Broncos Could Have Kept Him, Brock Osweiler, Danny Trevathan.

* Uh-oh.

* Yup.

* Police: Cardinals Bobby Massie Was Impaired, Confused During DUI Arrest In Tempe.

* Bobby Massie: Bears Signed Him To Play Right Tackle.

* Kyle Long Helped Recruit Massie To Bears.

* Bernstein: Bears Look Past Numbers For Bobby Massie.

* Bears Put Disenchanted Martellus Bennett On Trading Block.

* Rumors Abound About Martellus Bennett And The Packers.

* Jets Build Running Corps, But Still Lack A Quarterback.

30:32: Fighting Lovie.

* Coffman: The Return Of Lovie Smith.

* Greenstein: Illinois Fans Giddy About Lovie Smith, But Industry Is Skeptical.

* Kaplan:

50:35: Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose Finally On Same Page!

53:11: Shout Out To The Blackhawks' New Guys!

54:27: Dear Cubs: Enough With The Brotherhood. Geez.

55:47: White Sox: Borrrrrrrring.

56:08: Bryce Harper Wants To Bring Pimping To MLB. So Do We.

* Flying Bat Photo.

* Goose Gossage Swears At Cloud.

* Olney:

1:02:58: Triton Top Seed In Little Big Dance.

1:04:20: The Everton Minute: Sunderland Match Postponed.

* Liverpool Echo: Everton Investor Farhad Moshiri: 'I'll Make Decision On New Stadium, Buy New Players And Keep Our Best Stars.'




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