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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #92: The Many Fetishizations Of Media Fanboys

No detail too mundane, every lame joke an instant classic. Plus: The White Sox Are Also Holding Spring Training But Let's Talk About Other Stuff; Memo To Maddon: Up Your Game; Ivy League Not So Smart: Brandi's Brain; Boring Bears Banishing Bennett; I Don't Want To See Athletes' Smelly Naked Dicks; Blackhawks Babble; Bulls Babble; Go Trojans; and The Everton Minute.



* Pernell McPhee, y'all.

* Rauner/Payton.

* The daughter.

4:10: Media Fanboy Fetishizations.

No way! Nobody sings!


This camp! Crazy!




A batting practice schedule.


Classic! Only Joe Maddon . . .


Japanese Fun Day.


Hilarious! No co-ed rec team has ever done this!

* Next: Backup catcher's dirty socks and the latest knock-knock joke going around the clubhouse.


18:03: The White Sox Are Also Holding A Spring Training But Let's Talk About Other Stuff.

* Memo to Maddon: Up your game, dude.



23:17: Eddie Einhorn's Anti-Veeckian Legacy.

28:10: Ivy League Not So Smart.

31:56: Brandi's Brain.

35:16: Boring Bears Banishing Bennett.

Correction: I confused Cespedes with Puig.

* Sports Illustrated: The Government Won't Let Yasiel Puig Fly To Games In A Helicopter.

* All The Cash The NFL Has Screwed Players Out Of So Far In 2016.

* The Shrinking Shelf Life Of NFL Players.

43:39: I Don't Want To See Athletes' Smelly Naked Dicks.

* See the item The Hurt Locker Room.

* Aroldis Chapman To Accept 30-Game Suspension.

52:11: Blackhawks Babble.

* Blackhawks should hold a team meeting to discuss why this story and many others come up blank on the new, revamped Sun-Times website.

55:24: Bulls Babble.

* Coffman: Bulls Resting Themselves Right Out Of The Playoffs.

* This offseason is do-or-die for GarPax.

58:03: Go Trojans.

* Triton Men's Basketball No. 1 In Nation For First Time.

* Lady Triton Trojans Reach First Title Game Since 1994.

1:00:41: The Everton Minute: "Francisco Junior: My Everton Failure, Moyes, Leeds And Losing My Mum."

* BBC: Young, Welsh And Pretty Skint.

* Fanny: Lady bottom.




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1. From Tom Chambers:

Food for thought: With all of the Joe Maddon antics with the onesies and faux hippie mentality, it doesn't ring true. Was he a hippie back in the day? He's a few months older than me and by the time I was old enough to be a hippie, it was over. If he means the '70s, guaranteed there were substances.

Is Maddon trying to create a diversion in case they don't succeed? He's right if he thinks the fanboy media has already been properly indoctrinated.

Also, no one is saying that he's taking Cubbie Cuteness to previously unimagined heights. I think that DOES put more pressure on the organization because (smart) Cubs fan won't take humorously to the Cubbies having so much fun with pie fights, pin the tail on the donkey, water balloons and air guitar with baseball bats as they lose 11 out of 18 and have to beat Milwaukee to stay out of the cellar as they near Memorial Day.

This Cubbie Kumbaya® is NOT funny to anyone who has been a fan for any number of years.

Didn't Kirby Puckett come out of Triton College? I you mentioned it, I missed it.

Coffman replies: The awesome Kirby Puckett (RIP) played ball for Triton after graduating from Calumet High School and playing for Bradley for a season (where he switched from infield to outfield. So did "One Dog" Lance Johnson. We did not mention these facts and shame on us.

And you nailed it with your thoughts on Maddon apparently trying to actually increase Cutesy Cubbie Bullshit. dude desperately needs to just focus on baseball for a while. There are still 60 guys in camp, you would think he could somehow keep himself busy with just coaching.

Rhodes replies: +1.

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