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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #90: Up The Toffees!

The Blues, The School of Science, The People's Club. Plus: The Bread Man & Barack; Secord Still Sucks; Bulloney, Pitchers, Catchers, Cynics Report; and Jim's Last Chicago Fire Comment Ever.



* Alonzo Spellman.

* The last we heard of Spellman, sadly, was of his arrest on outstanding warrants in 2015.

* Find out more about his various sagas and bouts with bipolar disorder on his Wikipedia page.

1:34: Blackhawks, The Bread Man & Barack.

* The Bread Man.

* Chicago Blackhawks Give President Obama A United Center Parking Pass.

8:45: Secord Still Sucks.

* Frosty Feelings Revived For North Stars-Blackhawks Alumni.

16:13: Bulloney.

* Forman 'Disappointed' With How Bulls Season Is Unfolding.


* Hoge: Similarities Between Wandering Bulls, White Sox Are Startling.

* Bernstein: Bulls Make No Sense.

* Rosenbloom: Sounds Like Gar Forman Is Playing You For Stupid, Bulls Fans.

* O'Donnell: The Chicago Bulls Are A Complete Organizational Failure From The Top.

32:31: Pitchers, Catchers, Cynics Report.

* White Sox Prospect Tim Anderson Ready, Amped For Second Spring Camp.

* Cubs Prospects Place High On Keith Law's Positional Rankings.

* USA Today Sees Cubs, White Sox In Playoffs.

* Correction: It was the New York Times (not ESPN) that did "Ah, Spring! What Could Go Wrong?

* Flat-brimmed hat.

50:43: Jim's Last Chicago Fire Comment Ever.

* Chicago Fire Send Lake Forest's Harry Shipp To Montreal Impact.

* Peter Wilt Looking To Revitalize Soccer In Chicago With NASL Project.


* Fire Stadium Burning Taxpayers.

58:10: The Beachwood Media Company Is Officially Backing Everton. Up The Toffees!




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