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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #83: Our Chicago Player Of The Year

A 2015/2016 review/preview. Including: Being The Blackhawks; Cartoon Cubs; As The Bulls Turn; Not Bowled Over By John Fox; Let's Talk About The White Sox Cubs; The City's Most Inconsequential Franchise; and Party Of The Year.



* Willie Gault.

3:00: Being The Blackhawks.

* Key moment of 2015: Patrick Kane's injury.

* Key for 2016: Patrick Kane's new line.

* Rosenbloom: When Will Blackhawks Trade To Fill Their Holes?

14:14: Cartoon Cubs.

* Key moment of 2015: One-game playoff win against the Pirates.

* Key for 2016: A fourth starter not named Hendricks or Hammel.

* FanGraphs: The Cubs As The Best Team In Baseball.

36:25: As The Bulls Turn.

* Key moment of 2015: Championship window closes.

* Key for 2016: Championship window opens.

* O'Donnell: The Bobby Portis, Nikola Mirotic Pairing Looked Great For The Bulls. Is It Viable Long-Term?

50:32: Not Bowled Over By John Fox.

* Key moment of 2015: Not drafting a quarterback.

* Key for 2016: Drafting a quarterback.

* Wiederer: How Has John Fox Measured Up Against Other First-Year Coaches?

58:12: Let's Talk About The White Sox Cubs.

* Key moment of 2015: Not firing Robin Ventura.

* Key for 2016: Firing Robin Ventura.

* Olney: The Problem With Tanking In Baseball.

1:06:40: Our Chicago Player Of The Year.

1:07:35: The City's Most Inconsequential Franchise.

* Runner-up: DePaul basketball.

* Most Illinois: University of Illinois.

1:08:36: Party Of The Year.




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