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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #81: Cubs Set Us Up For Epicest Heartbreak Yet

Now World Series favorites. Plus: Hey White Sox, How You Doin'?; Bulls Spiting Selves; Bears Good As Mold; and Patrick Kane's Fraudulent Point Streak.



* Marian Hossa.

* When Ray Bourque went from 7 to 77:

* With the Avalanche.

* Artemi Pandarin.

* Why Brett Favre Wore No. 4.

6:27: Hey-Hey Heyward!

* SIGNED: 8 years, $184 million, two opt-outs.

* See the segment "We Were Promised David Price."

29:52: Hey, White Sox! How You Doin', Buddy?

* Vs. The 76ers.

41:02: In Spite Of Themselves.

51:10: Good As Mold.

* Teenage Mutant Media.

1:06:44: Patrick Kane's Fraudulent Point Streak.




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