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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #80: Bears Still Under .500

Trap game ahead. Plus: Everyone Mad Bulls Just 11-5; Patrick Kane, All-American; We Were Promised David Price; and The Chicago Fire Did Something This Week.



* Curtis Conway.

3:15: Hail No!

* Aaron Rodgers is ridiculous. So are the Lions.


11:47: Bears Still Under .500.

* Game note:

* Pirates GM Says He Made A Mistake With Pedro Alvarez.

27:32: Everyone Mad Bulls Just 11-5.

* Derrick Rose's Current Game is Scarier Than He Thinks His Game Can Be.

* Pau Gasol Will 'Very Likely' Decline Player Option.

42:23: Patrick Kane: All-American.

* Patrick Kane Streak To 21 Games, Ties Blackhawks Record.

* Kane Breaks Record For American-Born Point Streak

* "Edmonton Oilers center Wayne Gretzky holds the NHL record with a 51-game streak (1983-84 season). Gretzky had 61 goals and 92 assists during his streak."

* Toews: "It's not fun, especially when we know we're playing pretty good hockey and it's little defensive letdowns that are costing us points."

* Goal-Scoring Drought Mystifies Kruger. Kruger!

* Hossa Still Getting Chances, Still Not Getting Goals.

* United Center Work Song:

Put down the ice
Put down the wood
Put down the ice
Put down the wood

49:33: We Were Promised David Price.

1:03:06: The Chicago Fire Did Something This Week.




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