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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #76: Jay Cutler, Derrick Rose & Patrick Kane Are Back (?)

Media narratives are not your friend. Plus: The Bears Stay The Course; Cubs At Peak Betting Value; Dusty Hoiberg; Patrick Kane Not Vindicated; Kane D.A. Shows Caveman Colors; Blackhawks Blues; and Wearing Kane's Jersey.



* Steve McMichael.

4:00: Bears Stay The Course.

* Meanwhile, Journesia Strikes Bears Reporters, Who Have Forgotten Who Jay Cutler Is.

* Bears Coaches Haven't Forgot.

* Jay Cutler vs. Harrison Smith.

Seems like he could've just run for the corner, sorry.

* Chargers opened as 4-point favorites for Monday night's Bears game.

* Jacquizz Rodgers.

* Why Former 49er Chris Borland Is The Most Dangerous Man In Football.

* Greg Gabriel.

26:25: Bovada Has Already Installed The Cubs As The The 2016 World Series Favorite.

28:54: Inventor Of Fantasy Sports: "I Meant It For Peaceful Purposes."

* Chris Christie Defends Fantasy Sports In Debate Rant.

32:15: Like Jay Cutler, Derrick Rose Is Back!

* Hornets Bury Bulls For First Victory.

* Rose Returns To Vintage Form, Scores 29 Against Westbrook, Thunder.

* Billy Donovan And Joakim Noah Were A Perfect Match In College At Florida.

* 2013: College Coaches To NBA: 20 Years Of Failure.

* 2015: College Coaches Now Wanted By NBA.

* Dusty Hoiberg.

49:44: Patrick Kane Is [Not] Vindicated.

* Haugh: "Of all the e-mails that stuffed my inbox Thursday staunchly defending Blackhawks star Patrick Kane's honor and innocence, the most fascinating came in a 462-word doozy on official letterhead. Let's say Frank from Buffalo sent it.

"The totality of the credible evidence - the proof - does not sufficiently substantiate the complainant's allegation that she was raped by Patrick Kane, and this so-called 'case' is rife with reasonable doubt,'' the boldest part of the statement said.

OK, Frank from Buffalo was really Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III. And though he didn't use a frown emoji or ALL CAPS to type "so-called case," his message was loud and clear - especially loud.

Projecting the persona of a sports-talk radio caller, Sedita used unusually pointed language to announce Kane will not face rape charges after an exhaustive three-month investigation. Thus, a case full of unexpected twists and turns came to an appropriately inappropriate end with Sedita's sardonic tone making the next alleged victim of sexual assault even more reluctant to come forward for fear of public backlash.

The rest of Haugh's piece we can do without, but that opening nails it.

* On Tuesday, Sedita won a 14-year term on the New York Supreme Court.

* Sedita: Kane Has A Pattern Of Being "Very Overserved."

WGRZ-TV Interview Part 1:


Part 2:


* Coffman: "Castles of supposition based on incomplete facts."

* Morrissey: Was Dusty Baker Wrongly Convicted For Baseball Deaths Of Kerry Wood, Mark Prior?

1:04:15: Blackhawks Blues; Wearing Kane's Jersey.

* Blackhawks Blow Three-Goal Lead In 6-5 Loss To Blues In Overtime.

* Correction: Four women on the jury.

1:08:43: Go Black Squirrels!


* Correction: We're actually under 76 minutes. Dammit.



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