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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #74: The Cubs' Confusing Conclusion

It's now 2016 or bust - the honeymoon is finally over. Plus: Back to the Future Was An Awful Movie And Huey Lewis Sucks; Jeremiah Ratliff's Bye-Bye Week; When It Comes To Aggrieved White Sox Fans, Cubs Fans Should Feel Fine About Gloating; Duncan Keith's Sudden Surgery; and Derrick & Joakim.



* Jimbo Covert.

2:01: Fans, Media Both Wrong.

* Just everybody, chill about Schwarber.

* Sustained success should not be presumed.

* Mets' NLCS Planning, Preparation Are Paying Off.

* Mets Followed The Schwarber Trend.

* Cubs' Weakness Lets The Mets Steal A Few.

* The Coming Wave Of Cubs Pitching Prospects.

* How The Cubs Picked Schwarber In Draft Shocker.

29:40: 2016 Or Bust.

* The honeymoon is finally over.

41:20: Back to the Future Was An Awful Movie.

* Huey Lewis sucks.

* You may disagree.

* Cubs security state.

* Josie's on a vay-ka-shun far away.

* Songfacts: Your Love. From the album Play Deep by The Outfield.

* Hellfire Deathcult (No. 4).

46:09: Jeremiah Ratliff's Bye-Bye Week.

* Greg Gabriel.

54:42: When It Comes To Aggrieved White Sox Fans, Cubs Fans Should Feel Fine About Gloating.

* Kass: Sox Fans, Please, Wrigley Is A No Gloating Zone.

* Irony: White Sox Fans Let Cubs Dictate Their Happiness.

58:00: Duncan Keith's Sudden Surgery.

* Also, Patrick Kane Still Under Investigation.

1:02:54: Derrick & Joakim.

* Role model: Starlin Castro.

* Hoiball.


Note: James Paul "Jimbo" Covert.




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