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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #73: Cubbin' It

Postseason Paradise. Including: Metropolitans vs. Cubopolitans; Ron Coomer Is An Awful Announcer; Chasing Utley; No Flipping?; Bears Try To Save Season With Must-Win Game!; and Hoiberg Hooey.



* Mike Hartenstine.

* The Super Bowl Shuffle: 10 singers, six band members, eight chorus members.

1:22: Cubs Kill Cardinals.

3:40: Ron Coomer Is An Awful Announcer.

9:40: Metropolitans vs. Cubopolitans.

28:25: Chasing Utley.

31:44: No Flipping?

* #BatFlip

* Korean Baseball Players Are The Best At Bat-Flipping.

* Anthony Rizzo Is Practicing His Bat Flips.

* John Baker: Playing The Game The Right Way (The Anthony Rizzo Story).

39:40: Postseason Paradise.

* The Oral History Of The ALDS Inning That Broke Baseball.

53:07: Bears Try To Save Season With Must-Win Game!

* Same old Jay. #Bearsnesia

1:01:51: Hoiberg Hooey.




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