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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #72: Joe Cub

Manager of the Forever. Plus: Playoff-Bound Bears 10-Point Underdogs; Enough About The Bears, Let's Talk About The Cubs; The Bears' Plan; Blackhawks Belabor Banner-Raising; Enough About The Blackhawks, Let's Talk About The Cubs; and Beer Talk.



* The Fridge.

6:10: Manager of the Forever.

* The bat flip:


* Jake Arrieta Stole A Base.

"Arrieta stood on first base, looking at the left-handed Watson while the left-handed Watson looked at Dexter Fowler. First-base coach Brandon Hyde sneaked in behind Pedro Alvarez to whisper a message into Arrieta's ear.

"The message, probably: take off, if you think you can make it. The rest was up to Arrieta, but he had his permission."


36:35: Playoff-Bound Bears 10-Point Underdogs.

48:28: Enough About The Bears, Let's Talk About The Cubs.

* Starlin Castro's future.

* Dexter Fowler's future:

* If The Plan was to plow through three managers and four hitting coaches in four years, then fine, yes, The Plan is working.

55:03: The Bears' Plan.

56:57: Blackhawks Belabor Banner-Raising.

* Chicago's Pizza.

* The Rangers Were Annoyed That The Blackhawks' Banner Ceremony Took So Long.

1:01: Enough About The Blackhawks, Let's Talk About The Cubs.

1:02:16: Beer Talk.

* BreakRoom Brewery.



P.S: William Perry Auctioning Off His Size 25 Super Bowl XX Ring.




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