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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #69: The Bloom Is Off The Blackhawks' Rose

Worst press conference in Chicago sports history. Plus: John McDonough Is Tone-Deaf; Dueling Settlement Sources; City Psyched Bears Now Losing The Right Way; The Curious Case Of The Cubs; Chicago's MVP; The White Sox Did Something This Week; The Chicago Fire Did Something This Week; The Waco Brothers Did Something This Week; We Don't Care About Illinois And Northwestern Football.



* Revie Sorey.

1:33: Worst Press Conference In Chicago Sports History.

* Sports Illustrated: Patrick Kane's Press Conference Reveals Blackhawks' Tonedeafness.

* Haugh: Here's A Question Regarding Patrick Kane News Conference: Why Bother?

* Sporting News: Blackhawks, Patrick Kane Make Things Worse In Baffling Display.

* CBS Sports: Blackhawks Did Themselves No Favors During Patrick Kane Conference.

* Baffoe: The Deal With Patrick Kane.

* Rosenbloom: Wait, I Found Another Embarrassment In That Blackhawks-Kane Disaster.

* Isaacson: For Fans And Chicago Blackhawks, Cloud Surrounds Patrick Kane's Arrival.

* Potash: Blackhawks Falter Miserably In Press Conference Loss.


On settlement talks:

WGRZ-TV Buffalo, Aug. 13: Source: No Settlement Talks In Kane Case.

Buffalo News, Sept. 8: Grand Jury Review Postponed In Kane Case; Financial Settlement Discussions Continuing.

WIVB-TV Buffalo, Sept. 9: Settlement Talks Underway.

CBS2 Chicago, Sept. 16: Patrick Kane's Attorney Denies Reports Of Settlement Talks.

Sun-Times, Sept. 16: Patrick Kane's Lawyer Denies Talk Of Settlement.

Tribune, Sept. 17: Attorneys For Patrick Kane And His Accuser Seek Resolution, Sources Say.

WGN-TV, Sept. 17: Conflicting Reports Of Settlement Talks In Patrick Kane Investigation.

20:01: City Psyched Bears Now Losing The Right Way.

* Most pessimism ever.

* Local reversal.

36:35: The Curious Case Of The Cubs.

* Starlin Castro.

* Javy Baez.

* Bullpen Day.

48:45: Chicago's MVP.

54:23: The White Sox Did Something This Week.

54:28: The Chicago Fire Did Something This Week.

54:34: Jim's T-Shirt.


55:15: We Don't Care About Illinois And Northwestern Football.


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