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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #65: Only The Cubs' Light Shines In Chicago

Maddon for Mayor. Plus: Babe "Bam Bam" Schwarber, Ace Arrieta & Cogsy; The Chicago White Sox Did Something This Week; Chasing David Haugh; The Chicago Fire Did Something This Week; Vic Fangio Does Not Walk On Water; Two-Minute Mess; and The Erik Kramer Story Once Again Raises The Question: Should You Let Your Kids Play Football?



* Noah "The Buddha" Jackson.

:38: Only The Cubs' Light Shines In Chicago.

* Kris who?

* New Kyle Schwarber photo.

* Cogsy.

* American Legion Week.

* Less is more.

* Maddon for Mayor.

* Key concerns.

* Lester's yips.

* Arrieta > Lester.

* Jake Arrieta is 29.

29:45: The White Sox Did Something This Week.

* And it was second-rate.

37:58: Chasing David Haugh.

* Haugh: Don't mess with the chemistry!

"If Utley arrives before the Aug. 31 waiver-trade deadline, somebody either must go or have his role reduced. Who? Jonathan Herrera? Herrera, one of the more popular players in the clubhouse, started at third base Sunday and has served as invaluable bench player on a roster Maddon uses skillfully. Sure, Utley offers experience the Cubs lack at second base, but the platoon of Castro and Chris Coghlan hardly screams shortcoming."

* That was written by a highly paid marquee metro newspaper columnist.

"Castro, in the midst of a terrible year, still has value despite the occasional error - such as Friday when he had three hits or last week when he made an impossible catch in foul territory."

* So was that. We deserve better, Chicago.

"On the flip side of Coghlan's team-first mentality to accept any role, reports say Utley insists on getting a guarantee of playing time before he approves any trade."

* He's a 10-5 man; he's earned the right to approve any trade and doesn't want to go somewhere to sit on the bench. Christ.

"Getting 13 hits in his first 26 at-bats after returning from an ankle injury, including a home run Saturday, made some people forget how bad Utley was before going on the disabled list June 24 when he barely was hitting his weight - .179. That's part of Utley's history too."

* He was hurt; he suffered his injury in January. Last year he was an All-Star with a 4.5 WAR.

* CLARIFICATION: "Utley was officially traded to the Dodgers Wednesday along with cash for minor leaguers Darnell Sweeney and John Richy."

44:15: Our New Mascot.

45:30: Two-Minute Mess.

* Get used to it.

* Bowen: New Bears Defense May Have Great Schemes, But It Needs Some Great Players.

51:30: Erik Kramer Survives Apparent Suicide Attempt.

1:00:38: The Chicago Fire Did Something This Week.

1:01:27: Chicago Sky: Adversity!

1:01:53: This Week's T-Shirt.





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