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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #62: Neither A Buyer Nor A Seller Be

Post-trade deadline edition. Plus: The Starlin Castro Saga; Len Kasper, Company Man; Bill Veeck, TV Bartender; The Journesia Of Training Camp Narratives; The Chicago Fire Continue To Disgust Us; and Eleane Delle Donne Emerges As The Face Of The WNBA.



* Jose Quintana.

:35: Post-Trade Deadline Edition.

* Hollywood Ending Leaves Wilmer Flores In A New York State Of Mind.

* Rooting for laundry:


6:27: What's Up With The White Sox?

* Frankie Montas.

* Gleyber Torres.

34:00: Kudos, Cubs.

* Moves at the margin.

* From the Beachwood vault, June 2012:

"Junior Lake seemed to be the only guy trying, what with a two-homer game, a 4-for-5 game, and a catch in left field not seen in this part of town since Alfonso Soriano arrived with his fear of the ball and the wall . . .

Dale Sveum is supposedly thinking about giving Junior Lake some starts at third, where he played some in the minors.

"It seems pretty clear to The Cub Factor that Lake ought to be playing centerfield, and it's a typical Cubs mystery as to why this wasn't figured out a long time ago. He has the range, speed, arm and instincts for it - even more so than Starlin Castro, who has long been rumored to be ticketed to either there or third in the future. Lake is Castro-plus if he maintains some plate discipline; one thing Lake has shown so far is that if the ball is in the zone, he'll hit it. The important question down the line is what he does when he stops getting those pitches."

45:27: The Starlin Castro Saga.

55:50: Len Kasper, Company Man.

1:00:00: Bill Veeck, TV Bartender.

1:02:00: Training Camp Narratives.

* Journesia.

1:07:34: The Chicago Fire Continue To Disgust Us.

1:08:17: Elena Delle Donna Emerges As Face Of The WNBA.



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