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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #7: Cubs Get Beaned

The Cubs' big trade sure is part of The Plan - The Plan to fleece Cubs fans.


* Sycophants.


* Sun-Times: Cubs Add More Prospects To Core.

* Tribune: More For The Core.

How big can a Core be?


* Underappreciated: Manny Ramirez is playing once a week. Why?


"According to sources, when Samardzija proposed $100 million earlier this year, and the Cubs were nearly $40 million below that, his camp talked about coming down by $20 million. The Cubs huddled and countered by raising their offer by $500,000. Samardzija hung up the phone and started pitching."


Oakland Tribune: A's Swing Blockbuster Trade For Two Cubs Pitchers.

San Jose Mercury News: Billy Beane's Blockbuster Trade Shows A's Fully In Win-Now Mode.


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