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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #60: Talkin' Baseball

Damn Cardinals. Plus: Duncan Keith In The Pantheon; Blackhawks South; Elena Delle Donne, Superstar; and The Chicago Fire Actually Did Do Something This Week.



* Wally Chambers.

1:06: Talkin' Baseball.

* The I-Something Series!

* St. Louis Cardinals Enter 2nd Half With Majors' Best Record.

* After World Series Run, Royals Proving Rebuild Was No Fluke.

* Long-Suffering Astros Finally Back In Contention.

* Don't mortgage the future!

* In Year Of Parity, Nearly Every Team Has Playoffs Chance.

* Hunter's Leadership Has Lifted The Twins, And So Have His Homers.

* Among All-Star Pitchers, Envy Flows With Esteem.

* Kyle Schwarber.

* Welington Castillo.

* The Renaissance Of Clint Hurdle.

* How The All-Star Game Is Like The Electoral College.

41:50: Duncan Keith In The Pantheon.

* Haugh: Duncan Keith Toughs Out Personal Strife As He Does Professional Challenges.

48:18: Blackhawks South.

* Johnny Odontya.

52:13: The Chicago Fire Actually Did Something This Week.

53:30: Elena Delle Donne, Superstar.

54:31: Redamak's!


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