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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #58: The Real Cubs Story

It's not what you think. Plus: The White Sox Meet Their Past; Old White Men vs. Soccer; Bulls Media Madness.



1:38: The Cub Factor: The Real Big 3.

* Addison Russell. I've been calling him Addison Reed all season.

* Actually, Miguel Montero was acquired in a trade.

16:48: Fractured Fairy Tales.

17:11: The White Sox Report: Present vs. Past.

24:39: Dudley Do-Right.

25:02: Old White Men vs. Soccer.

Rick Morrissey.

* 2010: Soccer Not My Cup Of Tea.

* 2014: World Cup Last Chance To Convert Soccer Nonbeliever.

* 2015: One Question After U.S. Team's Wonderful World Cup Title Game - What Now?

David Kaplan.

* Tribune: U.S. Girls, Women's Soccer Thriving - But Pro Team Owner Says Media Lagging.




34:45: Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo.

35:20: Bulls Media Madness.

* Twitter Asshole Joe Cowley Had Me Fired From The Sun-Times.

* Joe Cowley Rides A Plane, Degrades Women Everywhere.

* Joe Cowley Hates Women, Can't Write And Is A Lousy Reporter - But Keeps Job.

* Cowley: The Bulls Front Office Is Doing Its Best To Pretend Rose-Butler Conflict Doesn't Exist.

* Cowley: The Idea That Rift Is Much Ado About Nothing Is Just Not Accurate.

* K.C. Johnson: Jimmy Butler Says Relationship With Derrick Rose 'Fine.'

* Chicago Tribune Writer Sits On Fighting Bulls Scoop, Sun-Times Has No Problem With That.


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1. From Tom Chambers:

As far as the lost opportunity in failing to cover soccer, while I don't think Morrissey has the brains to participate in such a conspiracy, could it be that soccer doesn't get the local coverage because of the ethnic diversity - or profile - of its fans?

Reply: Indeed.

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