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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #56: Dynasty Schmynasty

Blackhawks not Jordan's Bulls, but are they at least the '85 Bears? Plus: Fire Robin Ventura Already; Kyle Kub; U.S. Women's Soccer's Nostalgia Trip; The Sky's New Dynamic Duo; The Chicago Fire Did Something This Week; Springfield's Very Own NBA Finals MVP; and The Cell Is Supposedly Fun.



* Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak.

* Mark Buehrle.

2:27: Did The Blackhawks Just Supercede The '85 Bears?

* Coffman's column.

* Roger begs to differ!

* Blackhawks Fans Take Over Wrigleyville.

* $50,000 Bail For Man Charged With Choking Police Officer After Blackhawks Win.

* The Reality Of Bail.

* Haugh's column.

* OTAs.

24:23: Fire Robin Ventura Already.

* Alexei Ramirez, too.

* Light a fire, don't sell one.

* Enter Courtney Hawkins?

37:49: Kyle Kub.

* Just hits, baby.

* Focus Back On Defense Of Kris Bryant, Addison Russell.

* Jose Abreu, MIA.

* The disease of the casual.

* The Hot Stove Luncheon: No Pepper!

* Rangers-White Sox Betting Line For Friday.

53:38: U.S. Women's Soccer's Nostalgia Trip.

* U.S. To Play Colombia In Round Of 16.

55:50: The Sky's New Dynamic Duo.

56:25: The Chicago Fire Did Something This Week.

56:31: Springfield's Very Own NBA Finals MVP.

* Andre Iguodala!

* Downstate Warriors at 25:24.

* Also: S/O to Steve Kerr.

58:20: Parting Words: The Cell Is Supposedly Fun.



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